You Liked me, You Never Loved me.

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There have been many songs written about love, loss, and heartbreak, I believe the best hits were about sorrow and pain, so why is it we love these songs? We connect to what is personal and for some of us, the harder we fall, the harder we become. I guess it is why I am or have become so numb to people’s feelings and understanding of empathy.

My thoughts this morning lie with something someone said to me recently and it kinda made me laugh because he believes he is God’s gift to women and that all he does is with good intentions. He is never in the wrong and certainly doesn’t understand a thing about love.

I feel that many people do not understand the concept of love. Friends, family, coworkers, you name it, I have experienced the emotional roller coaster of what I believe to be the “UN-LOVED” and my readers, it really hurts. My door is never open because I know what follows. Pain, disappointment, suffering and mistrust.

Coming back to my little story and what brought me to this moment, is that he said those awful words: “I liked you, you know” – ya. The word being “liked’.

I sacrificed so much for that man and still, he doesn’t see it. It is a good thing I realized how painful that situation really was, hell, I even wrote books about that relationship. I have never been in love with someone so much as I was with him.

So what is it about love that makes us so crazy? That emotion, that flow of energy wrapped up inside someone else that we can’t see the reality of what is in front of us. I used to believe there were different kinds of love but I know now, there is truly only one kind.

As I continue my journey to growth and unconditional living, I am surely looking for that ultimate love. I am sane and can say that is all I ever wanted. The love that penetrates you to the core, the love of people and the love of myself.

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