Yes People, I do Want it All

I am just a little dot in this great big world; I want to make an impact on people, even if it means working 24/7 at realizing my goals. at one time, I felt as though I did that but it turns out, life had a bigger plan for me.

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today, I embark on a new journey, new job, a more comfortable way of making money and yesterday it made me realize it has been 1 year since I crashed on my sanity. I have tried to work with several companies in the past few months, which I am forever grateful for having those opportunities but now see some were probably not in my best interest.

“it does not matter whether you are rich or poor, life is all about challenges and how you approach circumstances” – the Writer

the one true job I have flourished in has left me feeling very lonely as they make me feel unimportant. we all know from birth we are labelled with a number and that is exactly what is perceived. however, I do miss the other lifestyle and maybe someday I will return but for now, I am taking what I can to survive.

September 2019 came and is soon to be gone but we are not without inspirations and ideas. I have made realistic lifestyle, with many changes and layouts a place where people can take a few moments and read what living this unconditional life can and has been.

truth is key; awareness follows and people are the foundation for building a better you. I deserve the lifestyle I want in order to feel important, loved and creative.


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