WTF: the filler word

often finding a specific word is the most common dilusion. i believe in writing what you feel in order to express a thought. if you haven’t figured out why it is so important to do so here it is.

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we don’t question musicians when their words are expressed by music yet everyone on social media has an expression about this and that. negative or positive ( and we all know lately it is all negative ) it is important to say how you feel for your own sanity.

i have taken a break from social media as it is all bullshit ATM – another word.

i think read to much about what is going on in the world and become sucked in by social media. we lose focus on what really matters. ( and with all the news about ‘blacks’ – FYI – another word everyone matters. )

i have very little things i really enjoy in life and what brings me joy is the ocean ( wishing i was there ) but another is music. i often forget to turn on the music in order to mix the negative into a more relaxed and positive vibe.

i am intrigued with the 80’s but i love pretty much all kinds.

my point is you must find a way to detach and my WTF moment appears when i do this. does anyone remember Britney spears? WTF happened to her. anyways i am listening to her song ‘womanizer‘ – funny.

all in all find your center and get off social media before it destroys your life.


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