work experience scams and discovery

even when you live in a small town, you have to really do your research. employment is next to none these days and without being 100% negative, i feel as though, some people need to consider the possibility that employers or so called employers are out to scam people.

we are in a time of need, depression, loss of loved ones and we must keep our positive ‘get up and go’ however when we are faced with disappointment, it seems apparent that sometimes life can take a turn.

it is end of June 2020 and we are no further ahead with the restrictions and i am about to lose my mind. although, a good thing happened today and i must say, when you finally realize

do what you know

it begins to sink in that maybe your talents do not go unnoticed. i had worked for a previous employer, work at home and was deeply disappointed in the whole situation. thinking that maybe this was not for me but now that i have spoken to someone who seems to understand my feelings, maybe i was wrong in my thinking.

she made me feel very special and worthy of this great job and i want to give it another chance.

congratulations to me

i will be working again in two weeks and i am certain, third time is a charm. i feel we or to say all happens for a reason and i am seriously thinking i need to stick to what i know, find some much needed patience and reach out when i feel frustrated.

never give up.

how lucky am i – very at this point.

if anyone else is feeling depressed or frustrated or even confused about self love and growth, find me. i will chat your ass off and listen!

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