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expression is key

it is more than words.


it is a representation of life, truth, people and all that I experience on my journey. The journey has taken me on many bumpy roads but I can honestly say, without the struggle, there would be no determination.

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Writers sometimes struggle to find the right way to say what they need to say but over the years, I have learned that living with one’s own Mental Health issues can teach us much about how we want to live and how others see our way of life. Enjoy the words and the creativity.

hellno, Life.

Pricks and Dicks: What is the difference

Do you ever wonder why people are the way they are? It is a known fact that society moulds people, not parents. We live the way we do because the world clusters what we really need and deserve and no matter where you turn, no matter how positive you try to be, there is always some shit that appears to just ruin everything. The struggle is a big part of

hellno, truth.

The day you realized you fucked up your life.

I woke up with this really bad feeling. maybe it was because of deep sleep mode or maybe I just get these feelings every time something isn’t going the way I want. regardless of what it is, I am sure I am right about this. success has been so hard for me to hold on to, I guess you could say, once I have it, and something goes terribly wrong,

hellno, people.

Don’t be fooled by people’s intentions

I often worry that although people have good intentions, they may have a motive for their behaviour. we do not and will not tolerate bullying and certainly can’t control the actions of others. what we can do is use our resources to benefit ourselves and our lifestyle. July is upon us and I am simply making it all about authentication. how often do you hear that word? it is the

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