With all due respect

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who the hell says that? I mean come on, really! do you really respect others? It’s a polite way of saying:

“I am going to say something verbal, rude, out of contents and whether you like it or not, I am saying it”

People are so superficial it makes me gag. I wish I had a dollar every time I heard that line I wouldn’t have to work a regular job. Why can’t people just be allowed to be upfront without apologizing for being upfront? I mean, after all, they are your feelings and if another person is offended, well then that becomes their issue, not yours. We do not communicate very well in this world and it is a dam shame because we should be allowed to speak our minds for the sake of being sane. Keeping our feelings locked up like a vault is the worse thing for mental health.

I am for one, sick of fake news, people who don’t understand or take the time to understand and most of all can’t be upfront with the truth.

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