Why We Don’t Show Our True Accomplishments

When we speak of accomplishments, I often sit and look back and some of the things I have done and one of them was my book publications. Years ago, I thought maybe I could write my life story in a book, hoping to become a published author and recognized for my work. Achievements are grand if you can even sell one book but if you don’t, then no one will ever know who you are.

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Personally, I think, if you don’t them off, no one will ever know you have made these accomplishments. Therefore, you will notice at the bottom of this website, I have posted 4 books; the first book I ever wrote was a story about love, destruction and self-worth. The first edition speaks of a woman whom fell in love with the wrong man and was deeply depressed over the rejection and turmoil she endured. So frustrated with it, she decided to write the second edition.

As life would have it, she never sold one copy but the idea was still there and as it would show up on Amazon, she knew, someday, maybe someone would notice.

The other two books are merely writings of a personal nature, one being the transition of a woman through menopause and a person diary of her feelings.

I believe that if we feel we can something great and make something of ourselves, we do it. If success is not in the cards, then so be it. Let it go and move on.

We all need some kind of gratification and for what it is worth, I feel it was time to show them off. Whether anyone notices this or not, however old these stories are, the writing was a great accomplishment. Feel free to look them up or buy.


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