why is life so hard

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let’s consider for a moment that we had a better life, what would that look like? for some, money, fame, abundance and freedom. society has given us tools to make us better than ever and yet it all seems so complicated.

i have seen many ways to improve our lives and how we adapt to any situation but the fact remains, it is still all complicated. it is like hoarders, they feel that if they fill their lives with stuff, it will make them whole, a better individual. this is a need that i am far to familiar with and i must say, i don’t like it. my boyfriend fills our house and every corner with whatever. me, i like space and lots of it. less is more and i stand my ground on that.

just like companies, they believe the more gadgets and programs you have to interact with people, this will make things better. let me fill you in on something, you need only a voice, and a piece of paper. mind you in this world, we all need a phone to communicate, therefore lets add that obvious choice in order to communicate.

technology is a great tool but it has to be simple. in my mind, i think less is more because if you dedicate your time to a simple idea, greater things will come out of it.

however, we all know in the real world, life isn’t like that. we have complicated everything, and it has caused chaos. we are supposed to better ourselves, make mental decisions that benefit our peace of mind and yet, every day, more and more people want more and more.

don’t get me wrong, i love new things and my gadgets but just the idea that i can go to a simple solution for all, would make my life so much more bearable. i am feeling that tug of head pounding and stress in my neck which is not healthy at all.

i spoke to someone yesterday and he was feeling the same. i don’t even know this person and i can honestly say, i wasn’t surprised that he shared how he was feeling about the whole situation. it is nice when people feel comfortable talking because then you know for sure, you aren’t alone.

so how can you simplify your life and still have an abundance of things you need and want?

as always, stay safe and be unconditional

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