why ask for advice when you already know the answer

human beings are creator’s of wanting to be accepted. we want people to understand, be compassionate about our feelings and yet when we are faced with truth about all the above, we buckle.

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going through emotional stress about career, tragic events or any lifestyle choices can be a critical part of growth. when you know you are at your ‘wits end’, where and who to turn too can be quite complicated.

as we all know my trust issues are or have been my focus this week.

what bothers me more is the idea that one person can make or break your spirit and even you though you ask someone else for advice and get an answer to your question, you start doubting why you even asked in the first place.


that’s all it is; you want to know that someone will always be there to listen and accept you. the problem is you know that people can’t answer with just a straight answer. they use situations or experiences they have had to give you an answer you wish not to hear. when you get that answer, then your problem just got bigger because they open a ‘can of worms’ you did not want to open.

there is no ending to the stresses and you are left feeling worse than you did before you asked the question.

am i not right?

let’s be honest. the only person that can identify with your situation or problem is you, so why do we constantly look for the validation of others? because my friends, we are human beings and we need this in order to get approval.

on another note, that same person asked me a rare question:

being she thinks a career does not define who we are, and stated i should examine why my jobs by trial and error have not satisfied me.

it all boils down to people. i an issue with people cannot appreciate what i bring to the company and the lack of professionalism the show me when in training. support is a big thing when you are learning and when you have none, like life, it is very difficult to be positive about the position.

now i am completely upset with the whole question / answer portion of this experience i am going to rest my head and remember that i am qualified to do many things but being accepted is the most important thing for me.

it does matter.


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