why are people hopeful when nothing changes.

i was contemplating our lives, in this moment in time, i see so many who keep that positive attitude, that do their own version of prays and it baffles me how we are consumed with imagining such delusion. you spend your time hoping for things that will be or appear, so why do human beings believe in such fairy tales?

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good morning and happy Sunday!

this first paragraph may not sit well for some people but i can assure you, some that are a realistic, like myself will totally understand. it is the truth, why not face the reality of life for what it is and that things won’t change. we can’t make things happen when it is out of our control.

yesterday, i spoke about a zoom meeting i had these meditation sessions are effective for some but i sit here and think of how i felt in that moment, nothing. i am telling you, the reality of it is that even if i try and consume myself with imaginary visions, nothing happens. in the past, i have spent so much time filling myself with emotional hurt, i think it has come to past. there is only so much drainage one can handle and my time has come and gone.

i am not without feelings, i am just numb at the nonsense.

although i love chat sessions and bitching about whatever comes to mind, i think the meditation is best left for those who truly believe and that is what it is all about right?


why are emotions so important

the story is i have spend most of my life giving myself to others and it has become apparent that maybe i have nothing left to give. i mean, the inner me died many moons ago that now, unless it is in my face, i don’t believe a thing. oh, the odd time i get emotional it is because someone has hit a nerve and for the most part, i can snap out of that sappy situation.

this coming week

planning and taking action. the realistic lifestyle i choose makes me who i am and i will not stand for distractions. my mission, although small, still stands with solid ground. as i close the door on a past regret which i recently got rid of and with good reason, i remind myself of how even though i have changed my mind about my career many times over, i am confident about this next adventure.

what i realized is that what used to fit, no longer fits me. that my friends is a good thing. what i believed in was an illusion of deception but mostly to prove a point. as the week begins tomorrow, my eyes, my brain are open to the new.

as always, be unconditional.

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