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consider this: although we are all in this crazy pandemic mode, what about our own personal growth? do we suffer because we are in crisis or is it because something is lurking that we can’t seem to let go?

good question.

as time goes on, life takes different directions and we are bound by our own situations. i don’t know if most of you feel this but every so often, emotions run high and we sit for a minute to think about the triggers. i personally have many but it is with my complete attention to my unconditional strength that i can process this trigger and define it’s moment.

we are ultimately finding solutions to stress and over worked times because that is all we can do however does over indulging cause more heavy weight of destruction?

you bet your ass it does.

i think it is really important to keep a refined schedule, know your limits and evaluate the conditioning. if you are having a hard time, then let’s narrow it down. trigger #1, then determine how important is it.

i can’t stress this enough. peaks of anxiety, loss of control, anger, all of the above are always a reaction to something. find out what that is and deal with it. if it is out of your control, repeat. rince. repeat after me:

let it go. clear the mind. let it go.

more on mental health.

we all at one point or another have listened to people who suffer and for a very long time, no one had the nerve to speak outloud about this subject. i think it was always there but in my younger generation, it was call crazy only because people feared the unusual, the unknown.

how to make your life better begins with an evaluation of what is the trigger. once you have figured that out, then the rest is really simple. don’t hide the fact that something is bothering you, let go of the fear of judgement and certainly be in the moment.

aging is a great tool because with experience we now know that the lessons can teach us many rights and wrongs but also show us greatness.

i have recently decided that no matter what my experience has shown me isn’t have as bad as what some might have gone through. that is why i live an unconditional life because i can look at a person and accept them.

i struggle with my own garbage and should practice what i write but sometimes there are things that really piss me off and the fact that i know i am smart and took a wrong turn, doesn’t make me crazy.

it makes me realize that those people have judged me are afraid of my possibilities and that my friends is called insecurity. never under estimate the power of the mind, it can certainly stir you the wrong way but it can also make you realize the good inside of you.

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