who do you think you are

we often hear things we don’t like. we wish more people would say nice things rather than point out our defects and what they perceive to be better. what does show about their own growth? lack of.

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i heard a word yesterday:

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the quality of being interior or inward. it is the in between of being higher than everyone else and below.

we have a mix of both in this world and i can honestly say, i have been inspired more by those who think they are “inferior” to myself. it has kept me challenged most of my life and as i look now, i think this was really hurtful to my growth.

we all need support, we all need people to believe in what we are, who we want to be and if another person does not meet the requirements, then we fail to achieve our goals.

why is it so important that feeling of validation.

a little note: i think shorter posts make a bigger impact. if you become long winded, people tend to disappear.

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