White People vs Everyone Else

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May Contain offensive language to some people. Discretion is advised.

What is the meaning of being politically correct? Does anyone even understand that concept? I am so disgusted with society today and our country but most all of the world. People speak of standing up for the rights of everyone but as we can see in social media, news and such, the forces are either about natives, blacks, gays, trans, and all of the above. They are allowed to say what they want and when they want and stand up for their rights and it makes me wonder what happened to the rest of us, white people.

We are the minority in all this and it is time it stopped.

I am and always will be a big believer in all is equal. Man, woman, child, whatever colour, race, or gender you are, acceptance is key to living a life of peace. We all know that society does not allow us to be equal and is certainly branded by the medium. We cannot stand up for what we believe in for fear that someone somewhere will be insulted by the words we speak.

What kind of freedom is that?

freedom is no longer a choice, freedom is a rule. We are dictated by governments, regulations and that ban us from speaking our minds and doing what feels right for our well-being and then people wonder why there is so much mental illness, violence or even deaths.

We should also live our lives according to what we know not pretending to be something we are not. This gender preference issue has gone on long enough and it is high time people stood up for what is right. I don’t care what colour your skin is I care that you are a nice person and live your life according to what makes you whole. I don’t believe in many things but I do believe that if you are born a certain way, that is it. Live with it, don’t try and change it just because something doesn’t feel right. There is a reason why you are who you are and by masking the reality, you are defeating yourself.

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