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where is the serenity and how do you get it.

the world is a big place and while i sit and write, i put on a video ( full screen ) of my place of peace:

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the ocean.

i realized this morning how much i miss it. there is a saying: “why couldn’t i have been born rich instead of good looking” then i would be there, by the ocean enjoying my serenity. a 20″ screen does the job for the most part but to be there, the smell of the sea water as it crashes against the sand is more inviting but we must do what we must do to keep our sanity.

this is the most recent i have found: ( by the way, i wish this was my back yard )

yesterday, i wrote about customer service and how companies lack the appreciation for their employees. as i explore new job postings and await yet another call ( interview ) i wrote a sheet of things i want to say to keep my thoughts in check.

i want to be able to tell an employer what i really need in my life and what i desire in my next job. it should be allowed because after all, if you can’t do what you love and love what you do, what is the point. i believe in honesty and survival but i also think we should have the ability to express what a job means to our own personal lifestyle.

it is one thing to see a posting, which all looks good on paper or in a descriptive paragraph but we all know in the grand scheme of things, companies are not always upfront with the expectations.

it is like a relationship. over time, things change and not always for the better. people grow and age differently and sometimes not always for the best. our bodies tell us when we can no longer tolerate what once was and emotionally we become numb to certain situations. so have i and i can honestly say, i am harder than i have ever been in my lifestime.

reality has shown me that the world is full of angry hurtful people and the only way to survive is to make yourself known. far to many hide behind a sort of blank screen fearing the truth about life. we are still living in this stupid pandemic and are not getting out of it anytime soon. i think it is high time people step forward and speak out. history shows us that we have survived worse and it is high time the population stand up for what is right.

as i leave you with these words, i want to remind everyone that the only way to live the life you want is be in this moment and live a more realistic life. dreams of a better world are fairytales controlled by social media and hope is something that was invented by religious beliefs which we all know is another myth in time past.

be safe, be unconditional and remember: one can only growth through ones’ own reality.

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