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Where has The Good Life Gone or When will it happen

In our lifetime, we come across many disappointments and for whatever reason, although we know this is a road we are all to familiar with, we still that ache inside when something bad happens. We seem to never be prepared for the worse although most of us are conditioned to know this known fact of life.

I have not been blessed with good luck and I live knowing there is always shit right around the corner. It seems every time I feel a little bit of happiness, something comes along and breaks my feel good moment. I struggle everything with trying to find good in everything, I suppose that is why I started this blog because I feel there are to many people who live in a fantasy land and do not understand the concept of living in the moment.

Don’t wish for things, they will never happen or forget wanting for things you can’t have, they are left for the other people who don’t deserve it.

I do realize that as time goes by, life is harder and some people have not even touched the edge of concept of the outside world. I also realized a long time ago that is the reason so many turn to substance abuse because they can’t deal with life. We were all put on this earth for a reason they say and all have a purpose but what about those who suffer all the time? What is the reasoning there?

If someone would explain this concept to me, I would love to hear from you.

Some humans believe that their God has a plan but in my world, I feel, we were all dropped here many moons ago as an experiment and we are failing at it. Get with the program people, seriously!

There is no justification for suffering, tragedy, deceit, lies and all the other bad things that come along. I will make the most of the time I have on this earth and believe that maybe someday, the riches and happiness will come.

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