mental health

where are your demons

how to deal with them and what no longer serves a purpose.

consider the possibility that we are living in a world that no longer understands what our needs are or what we demand. this life has taught us many things in the last 2 years and yes i say 2 because we are living in a world that is controlled by the government.

like it or not, reality has set in and we must acknowledge this awful situation and people are not living the life they want because we are puppets.

our mental health does not matter to these people; they say they care, they say reach out, talk shows emphasis the normal lifestyle but yet we are constantly fighting the obvious.

freedom is no longer.

i heard a song this morning that reminded me of my past, “heavy is the crown by Daughtry” and i have to say this guy nailed it. i believe we all express our own fears, demons and mental health in different ways but most of us fear the truth.

we also hide some truths because fear sets in and we no longer want people to know what we really think of us. our past only defines experiences, some we no longer wish to remember and some we wish could have been done in a much healthier way.

present updates.

i am taking a step back into time but only because i feel it is necessary and will make my life somewhat more valuable. anyone who knows me and reads my blog, knows i have been damaged in more ways than i would like to admit. i struggle all the time with hiding behind a life i no longer want and did not ask for but this is my truth and i must stay in this life for the sake of my children. the purpose no longer serves my needs but it is a responsibility.

i had a thought yesterday about something i did in the past.

had i taken a different approach, had i sought out the help i needed would things be different?


today, i just live one day at a time and that is all i can hope for. there is no dreaming, no hoping for things to get better just the truth about the reality and i have to say it is a mess. this world needs a major reset and i can’t wait until someone pushes that button.

whatever we do, whatever we try, there is always someone somewhere fucking up for us.

be unconditional, allow yourself truth and remind yourself, freedom is no longer a luxury.

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