when you want to believe

as we have seen in the last few months, this theory is really ‘fucked’ don’t you think? how can religious people believe there is a sorta god when all the shit happening around us is destructive?

the books would tell you it is because man has caused it’s own destruction and we humans have to pay the consequences. then why believe in a higher power?

all that is is a way for different organizations to control people and for what it is worth, i know that because i am so open and honest about everything, people fear me or feel negative about my thoughts. they believe that i am some demented person on a path of crazy ( as i spoke of yesterday ) but i can assure you, i have been this way since a young age.

i knew i was unique but it took me years to come out of the silence. i was always pretty blunt with my words but as i got older i learned how to say what i wanted in a more psychological way. the reason people fear my words is because they do not want to face the reality.

truth is a very powerful thing and when we hear the truth about something that stirs bad feelings within, we shy away from it. we hide ourselves in delusions, bury ourselves in hobbies and find other ways of masking the truth. from experience, this will only hurt your personal growth even more.

here is a fun fact: i thought love could conquer everything.

love destroys as well. there are some who are or think love is ‘chocolate frosting’ on a cake and that if we succumb to it, nothing else matters. the problem is that love is and comes in many forms. the confusion will drive you mad if you dwell on it.

i am definitely a realist on this subject and many more.

that is the other thing religious people will teach you that god or gods loves us all equally. what a dick! just people close to you are suppose to accept us all unconditionally, loving us no matter what and be there if need be.

people need to wake up.

i believe that if more people believed in what i am saying is true, this world would be a better place. standing up for what is right without preaching a fantasy of non existent words of wisdom.

i don’t care what was written in the past, i wasn’t there. all i know is that today, i am here, i am still breathing and the road is far from being the divine light at the end of the tunnel.

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