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when you set your mind and stick

let’s join the world of crazy. we have experienced so many emotions lately, i can’t even begin to explain. as we struggle through these times, so does our personal growth and lifestyle. it is hard to get an idea in your head and stick to it but i am here to tell you, this is what life should be about in these trying times.

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we can’t be all over the place; i see so many loopy people these days, driving erratically, not paying attention and causing grief for others. it is sad to say, i have recently been a victim ( yes i said victim ) because i feel as though someone has made my life a bit of a living hell. all i do is go about my business when i should be yelling and screaming. then i sit and pause for a moment and think, this is not worth my time.

some people feel the need to disturb someone else’s life only because they are working out some sort of bullshit of their own and unfortunately, when people can’t deal with it human conditioning, they lash at whatever person they can to justify their feelings of frustration.

i am smart and won’t fall for it. ( been there, done that and wrote the book on it )

i have always believed that if you hurt someone, it will come back and bite you in the ass 10 times over. so i let ‘fate’ take it’s course and am confident with that smart response.

what’s up next

as life does go on, i am working on understanding. i am trying to comprehend why things are as they are and why we have to struggle so much with so many emotions. as much as the facts are laid out, i still am not convinced at the chaos which being presented. i like to tear things apart and fix the issue, so it is very hard for me to take a back seat on anything. however, in these times, i must.

as we end the week because tomorrow is good friday and no one works, i am planning on finishing up my office painting and layout which should calm my nerves a bit, then we shall see. i suppose a before and after photo should show my work, then again, does it really matter?

i think not.

remember to always be unconditional and find strength in your own growth.

as always,

the Writer


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