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When You Know

it is very nice when someone takes the time to notice your work and gives you praise because it makes you feel special. today, we see so many different types of nonsense on social media but we get serious and want to be success, those readers or follows make all the difference in the world.

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morality does come at a price but when you live an unconditional life, it is greatly appreciated when you are defined. I look forward to opening my email or social media in hopes to hear from someone who has read my blog or bought my new course. I take this moment to thank one of my followers on Instagram Gerry to have posted such a wonderful comment. although we are of different niches, it is still nice just the same.

today Sunday, what mission am I on?

good question to ask yourself daily when you are practicing this unconditional lifestyle because it shows planning and adapting. as I look at my notes on the next course, “Fear”, I am reminded that I should get my act together and produce this great content. balancing a real life and my life online is somewhat of a challenge for me only because I could spend all day here, rather than face the real world. that sounds sad but in my real world, I have nothing super important to do and feel less important than when I am here.

as this new week approaches and the end of October arrives, it is also time to think about 2020 as it is only 2 months away. what are the goals, what are the motivations, how will we start a new year. 2019 was probably one of my worse years as far as success goes. emotions ran high, career changes to the thousands and more ups and downs than I care to say. I have also been reminded of Death, as I loss my father in law this week and it has been hard on the family but what I also realized about myself on this journey is that I feel nothing.

what in the hell is that all about?

I realize I am not the most special person on earth but I think after you have survived so many tragedies as I have, especially the one last year, you become numb to hurt, pain, sorrow and death. people have different ways of grieving and my loss in this is the people who survive. I do get very disgusted with people who post ungrateful pictures of dead people and have no respect for those of us who have to see this. most of all I get angry because the challenge of decided whether to voice my opinion on it has left a bad taste in my mouth. me being so unconditional, not saying a word but merely avoiding the whole subject altogetherWhen . (not very unconditional)

now here is the kicker! what I hate are people who constantly believe in the all mighty god of theirs and think this is his or hers doing. people, really? when are the humans of the world gonna realize the reality is that, god is a supernatural being people made up in order to keep peace amongst the human race. ( just saying )

on that note, now that I have either angered you or really detached your interests, I am off to start my day and hope that I can achieve my goals of unconditional writing. remember, unless you truly understand the concept, do not judge.


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