When You Don’t Feel The Need to be Serious

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We all know laughter is the best medicine for any situation and I am from being boring in social circles. I think it comes from my dad because he is such a character. It does not matter what the subject, for some reason, we can both turn something so boring to a funny innuendo.

I admire people very much and who they are or what they do really doesn’t matter. I take words, sentences, ideas or just the way they react in certain circles and make it admirable because I believe people are unique and bring great value in any situation.

I have been told my laugh is contagious, something I had never heard before but was reminded of this yesterday. I poke at fun, especially when I am tired but mostly when it is time to find humor in a circle.

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What is especially important is the journey of self discovery leaves me admitting I would be the first person to find funny in myself and the things I do or say. I can really laugh at myself because after all, who spends more time with ones self other than you.

As my brain has settled a little more and as you can tell the #Christmas feeling has found its way to realistic lifestyle, I am also reminded of how we can just brighten someone’s day. Maybe today, you should find a moment and throw a little light on someone’s life and make them feel important.

we cannot receive unless we give to our own condition”

we must remind ourselves that there are those who still suffer out there and need support no matter what the situation. identify with this person and believe you can make a difference.


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