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When Will Luck Find Me

they say the harder we fall, the harder we bounce back. not true. I believe the moment you fail or lose something, you are guaranteed to question everything you thought would be the right choice.

I can’t even begin to tell you how hard I have worked at many things in my life, whether here blogging or making a great income. how lives do not come with a famous book to tell what to do next or what road to follow, we must decide for ourselves. some are born with the golden key to success and others really have to struggle to make it.

“I want to have the freedom to do whatever I want, anytime I want without struggle and heartbreak”

I no longer pretend that everything is fine only because I believe it is better to face the reality than lie. our feelings play a big part in all that we do and our well-being; if you constantly avoid the hard issues, we will certainly become overwhelmed and soon the stress will catch up. the truth is better, hard facts are proof and most certainly being authentic is the best quality to have regardless of the circumstances.

I have closed another door yet again and begin on another journey tomorrow, anxiety, fear, worry have become my new best friends. it is difficult to say whether this is my constant path of failure that keeps me alive but I can tell you, I am really tired of not being happy. nothing seems easy for me and although I put my heart and soul into any path I take, I am never rewarded with goodies.

I also have decided maybe it is time to forget the idea of making money online as it would not seem profitable. I have nothing to sell, no products to encourage people to buy, only my understanding of how the blog world works.

“my belief, unless you are willing to spend money or have products, don’t blog, just write what you feel and watch the outcomes”

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