People Truths

When They Stick it to You

in preparation for a special event, you think, should this be a perfect day? then again, nothing is perfect right? there are certain things you want out of life and you want them to go smoothly; however, the main factor is whether or not it will.

in my lifetime, nothing has ever gone right and I am always prepared for the worse because I know for sure, I am not blessed with any sort of luck or good value. for some reason, when I feel all my ducks are in a row, someone or something always comes along and shit on my parade.

snaccident: eating a family size bar of chocolate entirely by mistake

on a personal note, I realized yesterday how angry I am getting again and it is making question my latest decision. personally, I am afraid to admit that the choices I make seem to be shoved back in my face and the road I have taken is a bad turn. although I have much support in many positive ways, I fear the outcome.

we certainly can’t predict future and we certainly can’t tell what people are going to do or react but I can say this, I can read them pretty good and my well-being is so much more important than putting up with disfunctional individuals. what I need to do is think about me and no one else.

my next adventure is just around the corner and I am anxiously waiting for that. what I do need now is some much needed luck, especially in work because without money, you can’t live. it is unfortunate that my website doesn’t make any money because i sure do enjoy being here creating. maybe i will find my treasure soon and all will be good.

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