when the white lion comes out

i was thinking about trust this morning, how the people that surround us and life in general. i don’t know if because life has changed so much that we often reflect on our past experiences but today is one of those for me.

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i have never been able to trust – even unconditionally – which is kinda hard to understand because i am always preaching my unconditional lifestyle. however, trust is something that is very deep for me. i believe this stems from a young age and for the life of me i still can’t truly trust people.

looking deep inside

you want that one person, or persons to entrust your most inner secrets and every so often you know if you say something to someone they will eventually blurt it out to people. that to me is a total disappointment. we should be able to allow people in our lives and hope that they can keep some secrets.

if i was to tell all my shit, to every person i meet, i would never have time for anything else.

now here is that other word – disappointment – i feel this most of the time because as always no matter how hard i work at something, or want the best for myself, disappointment follows me. this is why i never really excited about anything anymore because unfortunately, life happens and we can never really “trust” this happiness will follow.

all we can do is know that we do what we can, survive and live in the moment. the question on my mind:

when will it ever be enough?


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