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when the drama has disappeared

ever notice when you isolate yourself from the world, something magical happens. all the drama has left the building, meaning, we no longer have to listen to others and their stories.

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however, the problem is human contact is necessary for a healthy lifestyle otherwise we can crack up in our heads. right?

i used to be surround by people all the time and now it is something i miss on a personal level. i guess it is only now realizing this how much the need for interaction is important. at one time, i was looking for silence, finding that peace of mind for just a few hours but now, lack of, i dwell on the idea of stories.

it is after all where i used to get most of my material, hence the lack of writing.

the last two weeks have been about the new job and trying to make sense of feeling comfortable in my new environment. it is hard to get acquainted with new coworkers when you are set in your own way. accepting others for their own lack of understanding and knowledge of the material can frustrate me to no end. my professional knowledge in certain areas are above others and my patience runs thin when people need to be reminded over and over of a task that is clearly simple to understand.

i am not without compassion or empathy but it does run dry when stupidity steps in.

this weekend will mark another big event, the closing of the pool. my oasis must come down and i dread it. however, it is time as fall weather certainly is amongst us. i need to find other comforts to calm the mind and be happy. i guess the warm of the sun will soon be a shadow and that upsets me.

i hope you are all well, still in this pandemic of nonsense and shoot me a line if you feel you have something interesting to share. i can always use the conversation and stories. be safe!


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