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When Silence has Left the Building

remember in the old days the saying “keeping up with the jones” was merely a fashion statement gone wrong. people were in constant competition with the neighbours or people they wish to be. today is no different. we see copy cats suddenly appear and we feel as though what we have is never enough.

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and so the story goes…

i am pretty sure that is where the uniform came into play because then everyone would be dressed alike and no one would have to fuss. now, how about if all the people of the world could have the same house, same wealth and most of all the means to have it all. i honestly believe this world would be a better place. there would be no stress, everyone would have exactly what the jones have and all would be peace and tranquillity.

then lets bring up the issue of laws, why do we have them when clearly no one follows them? i can tell you from experience especially on the road. people are consumed with going fast and not paying attention to the road or their surroundings. ignorance has to be emphasized because not only do people NOT give a SHIT anymore but they have become more and more disrespectful.

as frustrating as these subjects are, we are still within our rights to stand up for our own needs and i think it is time to talk louder.

time is very valuable and my pet peeve is i have neighbour who speaks so loud, she really is that way believing i think she likes attention. she is real piece of work, one does not mind her own busy and thinks everything she does is fine.

well it is not.

so my blood is boiling because i am ready to tell her off and i must wait a week or so until i am not working in the public, then i can tell her what i really thing and disrespectful and disturbing she is to my privacy and tranquillity. this is a woman who didn’t shy away from coming knocking at my door all winter long bumming cigarettes for her boyfriend and yet i can’t get a little peace and quiet.

i think what bothers me more that all the laws she breaks and the shit she does and gets away with it. this kind of behaviour should not be tolerated.

as i close up this venting session, i think the best course of action, honesty. tell her like it is and tell how much she is disturbing me because if not i will bust.


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