When People Are no Longer Themselves

Ask yourself: why do people become something they are NOT.

We live in a world where fantasy is better than reality and as we try to pull people into our visions, we ourselves forget the true meaning of self discovery. For many years I have seen people change their way of doing things just to please others or because it was required of them. Meanwhile, they sink themselves into a world that has no foundation.

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Constant changes means adaptation even when we believe learning is a obligation to something. The problem is that as time isn’t always on our side, the knowledge we carry will only be useful if people stayed the same.

“self isolation can destroy the best of us and will create big issues”

We are all adapting in this new world; learning new things, adapting to a process we have never structured ourselves to do but the one consistent thing is the choice. We can choose to be free from our sanity, we can choose to be ignorant to the news and we can certain be ignorant to others. I really believed I could accept everyone for who they are and how they act but there are times when certain people drive me bonkers. I think it is a mere moment of judgement and that’s o.k. because I know I will not have to deal with these individuals every day.

“how hard is it to point the finger or dictate to others how to act”

When I was working in the public sector, it was hard at times to be myself. Face value was second nature but at some point I also realized I wasn’t myself. Not only because someone pointed it out but because I was not happy. So it wasn’t the job I hated, it was the fact that it created a person I did not recognize. Dealing with people face to face was a difficult way of life but looking back now, still with regret lingering in my head, I truly enjoyed those times.

The only difference is now that I realize my mistake, I can never go back and change it because of the circumstances and I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive myself.

I don’t know what lies ahead, I don’t know what path I am taking next but as long as I know my present, I believe all will be as it should be.


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