When is it Time to Clean Up the List

the creation of a bucket list is to decide what matters and the ambition of making a list all about the things you want to accomplish before you die.

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how realistic is that.

same goes for people who keep a trunk full of things that mean something of importance. we are creatures of survival, keeper of hope, the dragons of our time.

there is a problem with this: TIME

we strive to fulfill our needs and wants without even considering time in this mix. we do not know what comes next or what will present itself. enduring defeat over all that we planned is a definitely a pat on the back but it is rarely enough.

next …

if we look at 2020 in the present moment, we are faced with time change, chaos of isolation and people haven’t adapted. this time has proven to bring out the worse and the best in what we can accept. we will never be able to go back to our normal way of life and the government will continue to flourish in its glory.

communism, a word

if we look back a little, that is what the world used to be when the government never gave freedom of anything. then, we had choices, freedom of speech. now, there none of that. we are now living in a time when people need to conform in order to survive. unity, dress codes and laws of professionalism.

this is all to keep the public in line.

so what next …

when the decision is made to return to our jobs, be able to shop without worry of a so called free spirit bug settling in our neighbourhood, will we accept the new list.


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