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What To Do When Your Spirit Has Left The Building

This week was all about self-worth, and sometimes we can’t seem to find that extra sparkle in order to justify any feelings. years ago when I wrote my book on “A Beginning, An Ending”, I was working a program that helped me revived what happiness I had left. Buried deep into a rabbit hole is never an easy thing and I really thought that finding one little piece of light would be the hardest thing.

As the holidays approach, I am finding it hard to block out that time of my life only because Christmas was the key to this book I wrote. It seemed to be the only magic I had and I am forever grateful for discovering so much about myself and the ability to love unconditionally.

What I lack these days are inspirations, desire and relentless difficulties and I have to say, as a writer or blogger trying to make my way, this is a negative aspect of creating.

however, I am still not without ambition and where ever I may find myself, I manage to keep moving forward.

Today, I am not happy still with my creativity but I am slowly progressing. I just wish something great would be around corner in order for me to have a super holiday celebration for 2019.

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