What The World has Done to Our Mental Health and Focus

I have been thinking this morning about how I have totally lost many of my qualities. Ever feel that way? It is a aching feeling because not only does it feel like you are losing parts of yourself but the very best of who you used to be is seems so far away and lost.

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I have been thinking of the new year and what I want to focus on but for the life of me, I can’t pin point my #ambition. I guess it is because the idea of being creative and great at something has totally left the building.

I actually said it out loud yesterday, saying that I am no longer optimistic about anything and doubt all that is presented to me. It is very sad that life has done this to me, created a chaotic mind set that I just can’t get away from.

There is no pity here just plain fact as I am sure many of the worlds population is feeling since 2020. We have been hit hard with doubt, #self destruction and inability to live a normal life that it makes us weaker in a sense.

We struggle with getting back on our feet, whether financially or morally and even #mentally. This is very apparent all over the world something I never thought I would see in my lifetime. As I mingled with some individuals yesterday, it has also came to me that some people really hide behind the truth. They pretend to be #optimistic and in reality I truly believe they are just lying. They are trying to impress the ‘moment’ in order to satisfy a need.

Now that is very sad. When a person can’t be who they truly are or hiding behind a mask of “let’s pretend shall we’, I find that so inappropriate.

Obscure and mean as that sounds, it is the #truth.

So what next? Well, if only I could find that one thing that truly brings me back to life, that one thing that will awaken my senses and fulfill my daily ambition, I might have a fighting chance and being great again.


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