what the hell is this all about

i keep thinking about goals, purpose and ideas and i am reminded of the ambition behind all this madness. we live to pursue something, we all want gratification for a job well done but some of us, in the end, get absolutely squat.

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so i keep asking the same question: what it all for?

i have a few who believe my words touch people, make them think or maybe trigger something inside to make them realize or answer a long forgotten subject. maybe i am just here to vent my own crap in order to keep sane but just the same, it would be nice to know sometimes if people are actually reading my post.

i never received comments or get emails with any type of questions, so how is a blogger supposed to know if they are making a difference?

i guess one will never know until one day you get that conversation. i mean i comment on other blogs, subscribe to their posts and most certainly have interacted with many writers. i believe i am not reaching the right audience.

my next adventure: making things great.

i want to be noticed; maybe that is something selfish but it really matters to me. i believe it is truly what i am missing in my life.

the other thing is this layout. i hate changing things around but i must find a way to make this website more appealing.


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