what makes you dislike people

i have noticed that even with all the social media funny videos, there are still certain individuals that need a smack across the head. attitude is a word not a full meal deal. i can however understand why there are just people you can’t tolerate.

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the smallest thing can throw you over the edge …

let’s take for instance someone whom talks to loud. even though you have expressed your need for them to lower their tone, they insist on telling you to turn the volume down. then the of course you can’t hear others, right? some people take offense when you tell them something negative but this is not a negative thing, it is an awareness.

here is another …

respect for others. i am in a training class and i have to say when you work from home, the classroom environment is not the same as physically being in a building. there is an etiquette that some people just don’t understand. do not talk over others and be attentive. if the teacher has to repeat over and over how to do something, then you weren’t paying attention. if you speak over another person, then you miss important information.

this is my banter for the day. a short one but effective i think.


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