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Can we forgive and forget

I think most people know that when it comes to pain and regret, one can never forgive and especially not forget. I know I can’t and there is a list in my head. As I look at back at the memories, I am reminded that in the present moment, I do not have many friends. I truly can count them on my hand. Most people would think this is awful but I can assure you, it is a choice.

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I have big issues with trusting and it all stems from people taking advantage of me.

I was victimized by people who used me, lied to me, judged me for being who I was and certainly what they believed was a representation of what I should be. For one thing, I don’t believe that anyone should lower their standards for anyone else and should be allowed the freedom of choice of their own liking. In any given situation, you can’t let another dictate your beliefs or understanding of what is right and wrong.

It is an illusion.

We are punished for being authentic, we are punished for doing what is right for our lifestyle and even when we agree to disagree, something else comes along to destroy many things we worked for.

I am also reminded of something I read the other day, “does it bring value”. My writing is very valuable and more people should be aware of it. The people who land on my blog think to themselves, “oh, just another blogger” but in fact I believe they are hidden by fear. If they read, they will surely be triggered.

Mental Health is not a joke, it should be welcomed and understood by the population. The sad thing is not enough people want to believe that if we all stood together, life would be such a better place to live. Our governments and politicians pull off big speeches about standards, rules but don’t forget, they aren’t writing their speeches. Someone is dictating to them what they should say because the statistics show what will make an impact on their political career.

Oh, how I wish I had that voice many years ago and the strength to show who I really am because I can assure you, I would have made a bigger impact on this society.

As always, stay unconditional and authentic to yourself.

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