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what is the spirit of the holidays

my first holiday post

although we are in a dilemma, i think it is important to remember we are still human and for what it is worth, this holiday season should be more about value, compassion and most of all love! we often forget what is good and it is wonder with all the chaos we are living, we can still think of happy times.

most people who know me, know Christmas is my most important time of year. i think the tree has a lot to do with it but the fact is i am a Christmas baby and it is in my blood to celebrate this time of year.

my first snow is always exciting, it is an amazing wonder. white fluffy flakes are my favorite but when i get a glimpse of the first snow, for some reason, my insides light up. i do remember so many times when i felt sad during this time of year but it was a long time ago because the lack of love in my life but i have so many things to be grateful for this year.

my new addition, #blackwidow will prove to be a challenge as i said i wouldn’t put the tree up because i know she will climb it. i hate to have all my work be destroyed. then again, if i don’t put the tree up, it won’t be the same. so the question still remains, decorate or not.

i have seen on #tiktok beautiful decorations put up and i am always amazed by the colors and effort people go through to make their home beautiful. it’s good to make things bright, right?

as i sit here listening to my first Christmas Classics i think of the stress that comes with this holiday season. i truly believe we should just a back seat and really find moments of tranquility and calmness. our bodies are built to go, go. we must take a rest, stop worrying and live moment for moment.

tomorrow isn’t here yet and yesterday is gone. be here!

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