What is the line between

Being able to attain purpose.

have your ever just tried to accomplish something and nothing seems right? it is as if the moment isn’t fitting in your lifestyle or it makes you feel uncomfortable? to many times i bet. well, i am having that feeling and it is not good.

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when you know you can do better, try and fail, then what?

I guess you could say, I am a creature of habit and certainly persistent when it comes to creations. what i wanted to create was the exact opposite of what most bloggers have and yet when I look at my layout, it is all the same.


as they say, back to the drawing board.

in the moment

i am going to be busy in the next few weeks, juggling a new schedule and hoping this job will turn out. at least the hours and the pay will be good and i can finally get back on track financial. not having the money i want is really putting a strain on my health and i fear the worse.

as always, be unconditional

the Writer


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