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What is Satisfaction

when you want to succeed, you will continue to look for the things that make your heart content and your mind rest. when you know something isn’t sitting right in your life, you must take action.

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feeling uneasy lately about everything and where life is taking me, I find myself wondering what it is all for. i used to believe that i had all my ducks in a row but now, i am not so sure. all i do is survive; there is no fun, no drama, no what comes next. just the mundane lifestyle of a poor writer.

today I can choose to take responsibility for my own life and stay out of others’ affairs and become more aware of my own.

I don’t know what really happened to me; I used to have ambition and a zest for life and now satisfaction is finding its way back in order to survive. I don’t ask for much, I am devoted at no matter what I do and most of all I do treat people with respect. Although, it seems some people find it necessary to put a nail in my body in order to gain their own satisfaction.

people gossip, people can’t keep their mouth shut and I wonder what gives them the right to deliver words that frankly aren’t theirs to speak.

I don’t associate with many people these days but it makes me wonder if even one person tells a story, what will the story look like when it ends?

today: I guess my strategy is finally that I will do what I please on my own time, shy away from those who think can interrupt my journey and just find peace again.


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