What is Passion

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It’s an overwhelming feeling you get all over your body when something good or bad happens. Yes, I said good or bad. Believe it or not, most people think that passion is all about sex, but having passion is more than that. You can feel the passion when reading a
book, when watching people on the street, when listening to a song, or just about anything.

Your body reacts to feelings, transmitted by your brain, the main function of our existence, and when we think and use our brains, in whatever moment we are in creates a passion for that moment.
You will react all in different ways, but basically, it’s your chest pounding, your heart racing, some may even get sweats, a warm feeling all over your body or maybe just a smile or even a frown. Depending on the passion you are feeling and what you are passionate about. Even when you are angry about something,
you are passionate about your feelings. Therefore you express them in an aggressive way, by yelling or shutting off.

When you cry, you are being passionate about your overwhelming feeling of sadness or happiness. The body overreacts to a thought,
feeling or response to an event, words spoken, or memories.
I think we forget sometimes how important it is to live in that moment because one day you may wake up and realize there aren’t any left. So feel the passion within you, be mad, be sad, cry, love, laugh, soak in those words in your favourite book, and live your life as if it were your last.

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