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summer is finally upon us, as it took it’s time to find us, we are sure living in a different world.

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i want to be selfish for a moment.

i keep thinking of all the shit i have been through these past 2 years. for me, isolation has been my constant companion and now that everyone should be feeling the same as i have, i am happy to report the stress is still building.

can you feel the sarcasm?

i am struggling not only financially but mentally and i know it. i suppose that would be a good thing because i am totally aware of what the problem is and being i can’t fix it, i am wondering what comes next.

life is a road of ups and downs and without people interaction, we start feeling un-nerved. we try to fill voids of despair, voids of socialism and even though the world has adapted online with videos and zoom conferences, i truly believe people are going stir crazy. most us won’t admit our true thoughts but i can tell you, i know i am not alone in this.

humanity needs physical interactions, we need normality whatever that is and if we continue in this way of life, i can guarantee, the world will fall.

although talk shows and social media shows us how to live in isolation, i truly believe it isn’t enough. we want to feel hugs, we want to have the BBQ’s with friends and family, we want people. we are all due for a big party with the world and i mean that in a big way.

i was thinking about the economy last night and how we are going to ever survive this or get back to normal. it isn’t going to happen. i know we have survived worse, wars, great depressions but today the world is a such a bigger place, we can’t muster going back to the way life was before this #pandemic.

so what next

i am not sure, i do not have a crystal ball but my feeling is that we will never regain the great economy we once had and now that we owe more money to the government for the services they have provided ( which most people are not aware – they will have to pay back ) jobs will be few and far between. people will lose their houses, cars, sell of pieces of themselves just to survive.

very sad


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