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Our Present Moments, Unconditionally

Today, I am evaluating certain aspects of my life, including career but most of all my ability to create. As you all can see, I have launched my new course, the 1st of 5 and I am very proud of the work I put into it. The disappointment is promoting this course and as I look around social media for help on this subject, I feel somewhat frustrated.

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Cost is a big factor; as I have said this many times in my blogs, you need money to make money. most marketing companies today spend thousands of dollars placing Facebook ads and if someone is starting out, the money just isn’t there to market a new product.

However, I can say I am guru of social media, creative with art and detail therefore, posting my course is not a problem. The issue is doing it frequently, autopilot if you will without costing me money.

not happening.

The other issue and frequently residing in my head for the past year is work. As companies come and go, I am left feeling very frustrated and left behind as no one will find a way to use my talents and qualifications in order to give me a job. I need to work people, I need a steady income and for whatever it is worth, I am valuable.

for today, I leave you with a message of gratitude because without my readers, I could not send out the unconditional gateway and especially would not be able to continue on my journey.


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