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it is one thing to be able to say, i am happy with my decision and it is another if you make that decision because of an obligation and feel totally uncomfortable. why do we do this? why do we take on whatever it may be to satisfy a completely different objective than our own well-being.

i suppose it all comes from that wonderful word:


the art of doing something because we were told to do it

sad but true, most of us do the things we do because it is expected of us and we adhere to rules and regulations in the same way. however, it has been my experience that when something just goes against a belief or a feeling you know surely will have a negative impact on your life, we must re-evaluate the journey.

and what the hell am i talking about

most of you know i have struggled with my career and as important is that is my mental health suffers more than anything at times. someone asked me just last night how i was mentally and i have to honestly say, this morning my mind is clear.

hence, the new design perspective.

it shows, doesn’t it. when a person isn’t feeling right, you can see and feel it and sometimes even, if you are lucky enough to have someone who cares about you, they reach out and know.

recent discovery

my past is slowly disappearing and i can honestly say i am grateful. the weight i carried for so long is farther and farther which, i know in reality should have been deleted a long time ago but the work needed to be done. although i am proud of the progress, there are experiences that still haunt me only to prove how far i have come and not to repeat history.

as i ponder the rest of this week, i hope that i gain more readers and you reach out to just chat or email me. one can never have enough connections.

as always, stay safe, be unconditional.

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