What Happens When You Wake Up Early

I usually wake up pretty early and this morning was no different. Catching up on the news, running youtube moments, finding things to entertain myself and my brain. ever have one of those wake up’s where you just can’t seem to keep the moment? I love the way people have totally gone bonkers, making crazy videos of whatever comes to mind and I find it amazing that even though most of us find ridiculous things to watch, we still laugh at it.

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that is the key to living isn’t it? Laughter.

as we are all in a crisis at this time March 2020, people are finding ways to entertain themselves and keep occupied. even celebraties are creating video feeds with guests and show a more relaxed side of themselves and their families. how real is this? well, just check them out.

people all over the world are relying on social media to keep in the loop about this craziness and at some point I truly believe we will all go crazy. the rate of finding a psychiatrist will increase once this is all done because people are definitely going to suffer from all sorts of #mentalissues.

I have been unemployed now for 6 months and I am still sane. These people have no idea what it is like to sit in your house for that long and not go insane. some are already showing signs of crazy and it has only been a few weeks.

which leads me to think, all across the world they are worried about money during this pandemic but what about before – the people like me who have suffered for so long without a pay cheque and no one came to my aid or were concerned about things that I needed. I guess, the world only concerns themselves when there is a serious crisis. but you forget that there are people suffering out there and we pay no attention to them.

I am very fortunate that I have a parent who can understand my situation and help financially but now I have put myself in debt yet again and it seems to weigh on my mind more than this crisis. talk about #mental issues!

so in the end, I take it day by day because now I know for sure there isn’t a chance in hell I will get a job that pays worth a crap or even the deciding date as when that will happen.

my personal well being has always suffered because of people who do not really care until it happens to them. so here it is people: how does that make you feel?

your turn.


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