what do you inspire

they say we inspire one person a day and if makes a difference in their lives, you should be content. i know there are many people who reach out that really help me on my journey and i like telling them how they inspire me.

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today, i dedicate my words to them.

experience is an inspiration in itself because you find ways to improve your life, motivate ideas and certainly bring light to any situation. it has come to my attention certain people i know and love dearly are struggling and i feel as though it is the magic i being to the table that used to lighten the already stressful environment.

as i continue in my new job, i find myself speaking to people who are finding 2020 difficult. it also makes me realize we are not alone in the world even though it might feel like that at times.

i guess my useful knowledge, professional skills show comfort in a time of need.

i am very lucky in a lot of ways and i am certain that whatever lies ahead is set for my journey. i truly want people who read this to know, i am always hear and ready for the road.


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