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“No one is alone if they’ve come to believe in a Power greater than themselves”

Funny. Are we not supposed to believe in ourselves? Do we not have the power to do anything? Why is it so many people believe in a higher power and yet lose sight of their own ability to succeed?

I have taken many roads to trial and error in order to succeed at something as do the people of this world. Business men and women, actors and actresses fulfill their dreams and fantasies pretending to be someone else and yet, we go through life do that very thing; trying to be true to who we are.

How ironic.

I am very envious of those who have everything they want, happiness, money, friendships, love and beautiful surroundings. I always picture myself in a great and peaceful place where I do good, help support some sort of business and succeed at whatever is thrown at me.

I laugh because yesterday I received an email from someone offering me a job. a few responses later, I kept thinking this company or offer was to good to be true, therefore did a little investigating and my findings were quite interesting.

The internet is a great resource, isn’t it and I am grateful everything for this technology however, when you receive an email such as I did, doubt settles in only because there ways to read between the lines. You see, I have a great ability for details and because of my insecurities and experiences with past employment, I have learned a thing or two about companies.

Call it cautious, suspicious or whatever you want but when you are seeking employment and to put yourself out there, personal information is very scary. After carefully weighing the information I discovered, I replied to this email asking for answers.

That was at 5:30 this morning. I am still waiting for a reply. It is now 8:30am

I don’t imagine I will ever hear from them again but I can say, it was good to know that someone even recognized my resume, even though I don’t know how they attained it. nonetheless, isn’t that what we all want in life is to be recognized for our strengths and ability to achieve greatness?

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