What Do Women and Men Want in Relationships

Dating, having sex with no feelings or looking for that special person, what is it we really want? i have often wondered if some relationships have it all. passion, communication, understanding, support for one another, even though that sounds impossible, the question is still there.

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i haven’t written anything on relationships in a long time and i thought it was time. a person mentioned dating sites the other day and i had to reject the idea immediately. days later, i wondered how people meet other people these days as i have been attached for 9 years. i imagine it is very difficult to meet a nice person or at least compatible but what about age? Does age become a big factor in dating? i have done the big age difference couple thing, past regret number one, some would consider it a 3 year rebound but an experience.

What about when you are in a relationship for a long time and things just aren’t matching up? do we just become so used to each that we stop impressing one another? the question is how healthy is it? i truly believe nowadays there are so many people that are in bad or unhealthy relationships and know they probably aren’t aware. Then the singles ones looking for a great partner unavailable or nowhere to be found. so is being picky or hard up make us think more about being alone and how bad would it be?

being alone just means you have yourself to deal with, acceptance of all flaws and behaviours and having never to impress another. the bigger idea is having to impress yourself and being happy with who you are.

I know today, in 2019, I am not.


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