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Striving for more than just existence.

There is a possibility that people are just waiting around for something bigger to explode, then again, most people are just living with our current conditions like they have no choice. I say, we need to decide whether or not we will conform to this new world.

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Clearly people are sick of being locked up and told what they can or cannot do. We have everything that was required, vaccines, masks, sanitizer until our hands crack and yet, here we are again in a troubled world.

I ask you: “how is this possible when the numbers don’t match up?”

We have seen the evidence that something else is at work here and yet no one is breaking a sweat trying to get us out of it. They are simply dictating what is best. Well, I can say without a doubt, what is best is not to give this virus a reason to stick around.

By covering up, it has gotten stronger, fighting the very thing we are trying to avoid and we are giving it reason to stay.

Our Mental Health is Suffering

I see posts and social media filled with desperate people seeking life again and it has gone one far to long. We are a sinking ship and I can say I am so over it. If we don’t pay attention to the signs, we will need to worry about more than just a virus.

Everyone has an opinion about why this is happening or why the government has trapped this thing, doing nothing to help the situation. I asked the question last night as why would they want this pandemic to live on, what is the purpose. The answer was:

Population Control.

Let’s get serious. If that is what they are after, then why not just bomb parts of the world and be done with it instead of creating a fictitious disease that only they can see.

In the Moment

So, on a personal note, we have 5 days left in 2021 and I keep wondering what 2022 will look like but I imagine it won’t be any different. Therefore, all we can do is move on, be in our moment and make the best of whatever we have with the tools that have been supplied.

as always, be unconditional.

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