what do really even know about ourselves

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this thought occurred when thinking about our current situation and where life is going to take us. we are forever watching the news, headlines on the internet and how can people act as if we are in a better place. it really confuses me because we are no better than what we were in 2020. the only difference, at the moment is we aren’t in continuous lock downs.

i sad to say that the world is seen as a losing battle. dictation of a new tomorrow is affecting society and even though tv shows and entertainment has continued to act as if all is normal, the humans of this world are still suffering.

when does it all end?

people will tell you that when all of us are vaccinated, this pandemic will be a mere memory but i firmly believe it isn’t that easy. the government has proven time and time again they want to control the people of the world and it really doesn’t matter what country we live in.

if the population was to just break free of this absolute destruction, i am convinced we would be in a better place. not having a choice is a big factor in mental health and when it comes right down to it, i refuse to adhere to that sort of manipulation. we must stand for our rights and thoughts and be accepted.

yes, they will try and control what we do or where we go but i can say for certain that if continue on this path of communism, life will not change. it will destroy all that is good.

do what you want with this but i speak the truth and those who read know i am right. dictatorship has to end.

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