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The research they say, and that my readers are what I have been doing. When you want to succeed in life at anything you must do some research and I have to honestly say, I am surprised with my results.

I have been feeling very disappointed with myself and I had to stop for a moment and consider the obvious. Bloggers will tell you that in order to make something of yourself in this business, you need to research what people want, and need and interestingly I have noticed something. Whether on Pinterest or any social media, people may be consistent but if you look a little harder and actually click on one of the posts, they are all outdated.

Fresh content should be key to success, clean up your blog, and find the reason and purpose you started all this in the first place.

When you share content on autopilot, think of the reader. Do not post something that is from 2 years ago. We are interested in the now. Yes! I constantly change my design, my writing, and my subjects and that is a reminder that something isn’t working.

Results: This is what I have found to be the top things people need.

  • Money – without it, you can’t build anything, you can’t make anything and you certainly can’t survive
  • Validation – We want people to tell us we are great that our ideas are important, that we matter
  • Honesty – I hate liars, I would rather someone tell me I am worse than lie to my face or in an email about it
  • Stability – how often do you feel as though life is changing so much that you can’t keep up
  • Work Ethics – when you say you will do something, do it. do not spend your time finding a way around this, it is pointless
  • Trust – friends and family are reasons people have insecurities which leads to loss of self-confidence

Here is the big one:

Love – without it, we can’t breathe, we can’t focus and we certainly can’t believe in anything and this is where I am. The core reason for all my destructive lifestyle, negative thoughts and reasoning for mixed emotions.

Finding a balance with all these results is difficult but certainly attainable.

What comes next: I am still creating, designing and finding my center. I really enjoy what I do but with the mixed emotions lately, it has been difficult to concentrate. I want peace of mind and I aim to find it.

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