what are you putting in your body

people are so concerned with the virus, where it came from how it got this far but does anyone ever consider the possibility that we consume daily items? they all had theories and yet the numbers are climbing. there is a solution, stop full stop!

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no travel, no nothing. get everyone tested and those who are infected, isolate them. it is that simple.

some may not agree but the fact remains, if this thing isn’t getting better, it is coming from somewhere. someone is walking around not realizing they are infecting others and no mask or social distancing will protect us from a virus. this epidemic is in the air and it will remain there until the infected are treated.

i for one will not take a vaccine only because i do not know where this medicine will come from and word has it, if you want this vaccine, it will cost you. so there you have it. the rich will get what they deserve by infecting their bodies with a unknown vaccine and we at the bottom of the barrel will still be here enjoy the freedom of fresh air and life.

“i approve this message” – if you think this is good, wait.


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