what am i learning about myself

now that is a good question. how often do we check in with ourselves and really think about what is working for us and what is not. May is mental health month and i am big on personal development. i don’t pretend to be an expert but i find intimate experiences can reassure others, they are not alone in this mess of a world we live in.

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as you can tell, i am big on creating something good and color can really influence our mood. this months’ theme is yellow because i love the sun. it brings out the good, makes us feel physically and mentally clear as long as we can focus our attention on better living.

i have started a little routine. every night when i lay in bed, i visualize my many boxes. oh! you say what the hell are the boxes? well, it is a combination of what i am thinking about at any given moment. most of the time i can’t focus just on one thing and this makes my life a little chaotic. therefore, when i lay down at night, the boxes literally get closed. it is a very good practice and helps me sleep better.

most people have different methods of calming their minds before bed but this works for now.

what else is going on

i have updated most of this website and especially the about page. influencers create beautiful pages and my focus was on getting more visitors. therefore, sprucing up was necessary. as i always say, growing is a big part of my well being and i never stop learning.

summer is almost upon us and this weekend i am heading out into my backyard as it is being neglected. not really a fault of mine just mother nature not being helpful. so, time to get cracking on my tan and cleaning up my zen garden. can’t wait to show you pictures.

what’s up next.

i am doing some research on healthy eating as the month of June will be focused on how what we eat can affect our mental health as well as our bodies. i have a good friend who specializes in this matter and i will definitely consult with her. she is an inspiration to many people and your should check out her pages and podcasts. visit Contagiously Positive by Laurie-Ann Sheldrick

last but not least

my career is starting to take shape. learning something new in customer service is always a challenge but it is also interesting to meet new people. what i don’t understand is how people can be so focused on the small things in life when we have so many other things to work on, however, i can say this new job is quite simple and to the point. i hope to make a go of it with hopes to advantage in the future.

as always, stay unconditional and if you haven’t yet check out my about page or subscribed, please do!

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