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what a fool believes

companies nowadays, make you believe that you are valued as an employee but i see the truth and i can tell you some companies only see the money. they have statistics to follow and if people don’t meet their expectations, well then you are nothing.

i got demoted yesterday and i am very pissed off because the value i bring to this company is far beyond expectations and for some reason they care nothing about that. familiar to me, i feel as though on a personal level, every time i get smarter, people are intimated by this value. i have a voice and i have learned to keep it at bay but when people are getting screwed left and right, they do not see what is really going on.

they take the less fortunate ‘dumb people’ and nurse them while the smart ones are cast aside because they feel they can’t break the mold. on the contrary, i believe if you show someone they are valued, they will do more and go the distance for any company. however, when you take advantage of that situation, a person can become bitter.

now let’s talk about public views on companies who don’t seem to value their purchases to keep them afloat. i work for a big ecomm company and this company is by far the worse i have ever seen. taking advantage of people in many ways, stealing money, as they say so that they can gain a few dollars in interests. they say the customer is valued but yet in the back end, nothing is being done to resolve their orders.

i am telling you people we need to be aware. as far as i am concerned, a person needs to work at something that brings them great joy in their daily life and if aren’t doing that, you are going to fail and whatever you attempt.

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