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wearing a mask doesn’t save lives

that is like saying wear a condom and you won’t get pregnant. people wake up! i watched a very interesting video today and this guy has it right on the nose. watch here.

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i have a very strong point of view on what really matters and in my opinion, people are the issue. we not longer are free to say or do what we want and the idea that this country has evolved into a dictatorship drives me insane.

if i could, i would pack my bags and leave; however, i can’t only because some government has decided we need to keep safe.

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the world has not been safe for millions of years and the video certainly makes sense because it is so true.

what baffles me, even more, is how daycares and young child are exempt from wearing masks and yet their immune system are the most vulnerable just like elderly.

most of the people who have died over this crazy #covid-19 have had some sort of respiratory issue or some other form of health problems. at one time, aids and cancer were the ultimate diseases.

if soap and water washing of the hands help then shove a bottle of it down your throat.

the inconsistencies in this epidemic are so vague it really makes no sense. just like giving a grace period for wearing the mask so people can get used to it, really?

i still believe it is and should be a choice. the economy is bad and we are making it worse by enforcing this ridiculous idea that the mask will protect us.

this will only anger people, create stress and anxiety.

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